AyolbaxtiThe name of chain stores «Ayol baxti» translated from the Uzbek language as "woman's happiness." And the flower Spathiphyllum we have chosen our logo, people call "women's happiness." We truly believe that the family, love, children are the most wonderful gifts, and we are trying to make more happy and joyful moments in Your life .Gentle care for beautiful women and children, the flowers of our lives - that's the main goal, which sets the company «Ayol baxti».

 We invite you to buy high-quality and joyful clothing !

«Ayol baxti» started working in 2011. Our catalog contains clothes, linens and other essentials made by well-known brands for pregnant women, curvy women and kids. It's a comfortable and high-quality products made from natural materials, designed with actual global trends in fashion.

You can find our stores in Tashkenton this two addresses:

We present a real kaleidoscope of thematic clothes: pants and capris, dungarees and tunics, dresses and blouses, sweaters and cardigans, tights and underwear for all shapes and all financial opportunities. You can try to reconcile and estimate any product you liked with helping of our consultant, and get a lot of pleasure before purchase!

The range of products in stores «Ayol baxti»

Maternity clothes - stylish and aesthetic products with a special system of regulations that allow comfortable changing the amount of dress or blouse with the growth of your tummy. Traditionally, specialized maternity wear refers to the category of high-value goods, but we are guided by another idea: every expectant mother should be able to buy a thing she liked.

Clothing for curvy women - the original model for women and girls who have expressive forms. In our store you can buy dresses, blouses, pants and so on, in which you will feel yourself at ease and confident in all situations.

Clothing for kids - bright products made of natural materials, hypo-allergenic, "breathing", stylish and practical. Range of high quality "childish" clothing will please the sight of any loving and caring parent.

Do you believe in signs? People say that the flower "woman's happiness" really brings luck, love and joyfulness in every house. Let the purchases made in our «Ayol baxti» stores , will be your lucky charm!